Salto Mortale (kombat)

play written by Michaela Zakuťanská (SK) & Kritiina Jalasto (EST)

Opening night : 29.4. 2011 o 19.00, Studio 12, Theatre Institute Bratislava

Director: Kati Kivitar (EST)

Perfomed by: Ľubomír Bukový, Juraj Loj, Elena Kolek-Spaskov, Ludwig Bagin

Stage and costume design: Zuzu Hudek


Salto Mortale (kombat) is a play about a friendship between Valter and Oskar, two youngsters from the families who are running funfair buisiness. They live their whole life on the funfair circuit. Valter, his younger sister Anna and the new assistent named Bear , all start to spin of merry-go-round of their relationships, their desires to find their place on the planet, their feelings of love and hate. Falling down from the dangerous merry-go-round could be very painful and wounds may not heal for an entire lifetime.

Photo by Zuzana Hudeková, Marko Tapio Tiusanen

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