Equiteatro is a very special theatre project combining stuntmen, horses, actors, acrobats and visual arts together. Equiteatro is a group of people who decided to play outside on the streets, squares and other various places in the city, villages, forests, meadows etc.

This special theatre was established by Natália Gálisová and Zuzana Hudeková. We decided to play for the youngest audience, but our performances will be enjoyed by parents as well. Even if Equiteatro is famous for the shows made together with horses, in our little theatre at Pisztory palace in the centre of city Bratislava, we perform special educative and interactive performances for pupils. In may 2013 we premiered our first play inspired by the Slavic history, the story about Saints Constantine and Methodius bringing the new alphabet to the territory of Great Moravia. This performance is made in a very funny and interesting way, where the pupils are actively composing the whole story and at the end of the show they enjoy the creative workshops.

all other informations, program, contacts, photos and videos you will find on the web page:

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